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Written by Deborah. Posted in Lust, Rebellion


Living under the law leads to lust. Lust leads to reasoning and reasoning leads to flat out

rebellion. People believe their reasoning is acceptable to God because they are actually

deceived and in rebellion. The door is open for Satan to steal from them. 

One passage you can refer to is the account of Adam and Eve in the Garden when Satan

tempted Eve to disobey God. 

Eve resorted to reasoning in the Garden of Eden and questioned the goodness of God.

Adam rebelled against God’s instruction and Eve was deceived by Satan.


Rebellious people view God’s Word as a restraining law rather than as protection in life.

Why would someone choose to willfully disobey God’s Will? His Will is His Word. That is

an extremely important question–one that reveals the motive of a person’s heart.


If you have ever played the game MONOPOLY, you know you can see the entire board 

before you make a move. Think about this for a moment. Life is much like a MONOPOLY 

Board–but one where GOD can see everything. He knows what is best and what is 

around every turn. Choose to trust Him. He desires the best for His children.


Take a look at the following passage: “The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is

the law” (1 Corinthians 15:56). Sin receives strength from the law. The law actually has

the power to arouse the desire to rebel because rebellion receives strength from the law. 

Let me explain. Let’s talk about driving the speed limit. Without the law there can be no

rebellion. If you are driving 80 mph in a 55 and keep going onward, eventually you will get

a ticket. If you are distracted, perhaps by talking on the phone, you may realize you are 

speeding without knowing it. Therein lies the difference. One is intentional and one is

due to distraction and not paying attention. 

Either way, the law is being broken. But look at the difference in the motivation of the 

heart. On another note, if you are feeling pressured to obey some religious tradition or 

requirements in order to remain under God’s grace and blessing, you are under the law. Ask

yourself this question, “Do I actually obey God due to fear of consequences, or do I obey

because I don’t want to displease the Heavenly Father?” Grace causes you to want to obey

God because you love Him. What is the motivation of your heart?




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