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Deborah’s Story

Dr. Deborah Starczewski

Dr. Deborah Starczewski is enthusiastic, down to earth, compassionate and humorous. She impacts the lives of everyone she encounters. Deborah inspires others with wisdom, motivation, and hope in God with a strong gifting in the prophetic.

Having personally experienced heartache, pain, and rejection, Deborah understands the challenges that often accompany everyday life. She focuses on knowing God and exemplifying Him to others as she imparts truth through the Word, believing that everyone has been created by God for a divine purpose. Her message is powerful and her testimonies of God’s supernatural intervention are miraculous. She will inspire you to seek God for yourself as she shares her wisdom and insight into the heart of God. Her life experiences of redemption and restoration give hope to all. Deborah’s compassion is founded in the heart of Jesus!

Deborah’s real life experiences, though extremely painful, have given her the ability to identify with the hurting, brokenhearted, and those who don’t understand what on earth is going on in the lives. Out of her own personal encounters with Jesus, she formed two conclusions that will never change: first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the Bible is a true, relevant, up-to-date book. What matters most to Deborah is seeing lives changed, hearts healed, and destinies fulfilled for those who dare to dream and step out into God’s plan for their lives. Deborah tells you what the Word says and encourages you to know God for yourself. Her message is real and life transforming. Be prepared to take a leap of faith and believe God for yourself, your family, your own circumstances, city and the nations.

Deborah founded Star Ministries, Inc. based on John 2:5: “Whatever He says to you, do it” on April 21, 1998; and a nonprofit organization, Star National Outreach Worldwide, Inc. in 2008, based on Psalm 51:7—and taking the gospel to the nations. She earned her doctorate at Life Christian University. She has heart for God and for people. She teaches at her home church, on faculty for a Christian University, is an author, speaker and minister of the gospel.

Deborah and her husband, Dan, have been married for over 16 years with two children and four grandchildren in their blended family. They have a desire to facilitate unity in the body of Christ by bridge building and networking among leaders of various streams and backgrounds. Praying for Israel is a burden of their heart, as Israel fulfills her role in the consummation of the ages.

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To contact the author write: Dr. Deborah Starczewski
Star National Outreach Worldwide, Inc. (501c3) P. O. Box 70, Cornelius, NC  28031

Email: deborah@starministriesinc.com

Dr Rick Ross, Lead Pastor

“For the last seven plus years we have been blessed to watch Deborah live out the principles in God’s Priceless Treasure. This book will bring supernatural courage to everyone facing a challenge. The battle sometimes seems overwhelming, but the Mighty Warrior has gone before you.....

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Joyce F

"Deborah imparted the tools, skills and understanding I needed to grow in the spirit. In this day's devotional, God also spoke to me of the hard lessons we all need to learn when "He" or your "Mentor" (such as Deborah) in my case, speaks into our life that we must choose to grow...

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Dr. Neal Speight

"...As a result of obedience in the midst of her desert experiences, I believe God has filled Deborah with wisdom that we would all do well to take to heart. Do you ever ask yourself why you seem to end up in the same situation over and over again? Why you fear the future, or are frustrated with relationships?...."

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