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BETRAYAL – The Judas Kiss

Written by Deborah. Posted in Betrayal - Judas Kiss


Have you ever been deeply wounded by a close friend or family member? If so, you know 

the pain and heartache that comes with betrayal. I recently watched the movie THE BIBLE and 

noticed how the Father God showed Jesus who his betrayer was–one of His own disciples, 

who had worked closely with him for years, and even had Communion with Jesus the 

night Judas betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver. You could see the pain in Jesus’ eyes.


Judas had worked closely with the money and had become greedy. He was also obviously

blinded, confused and in total deception. The Bible says, “Then Judas, which betrayed him,

answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto Him, Thou hast said” (Matthew 26:25).


Satan entered the heart of Judas. If you’ve been stabbed in the back by someone close to you,

then you understand a little about what happened to Jesus on the night Judas betrayed Him.

This was no accidental betrayal. It was on purpose. Before Judas led the temple police and

soldiers to the Garden of Gethsemane, he met with the religious leaders and made his deal

for the capture of Jesus. Judas disclosed where Jesus met with His own disciples & prayed.

It is pretty obvious that Judas warned them of Jesus’ supernatural power as the many troops

came with weapons to arrest Jesus the night Judas betrayed Him.

In those very meetings Judas agreed to receive payment of thirty pieces of silver for 

delivering Jesus into their hands through “the kiss of betrayal.”


I can’t imagine what must have been going on in the mind of Judas. Judas made his move

and chose a special signal to alert the troops who Jesus was. Mark 14:44 calls this special

signal a “token,” from the Greek word sussemon, which means a signal that is previously

agreed upon. The troops showed up with serious weapons to put up a fight and were told

by Judas he could deliver Jesus into their hands with a kiss. Do you see this? On one hand,

the troops were prepared for a battle, but also had been told Jesus could be delivered into 

their hands with a kiss. You can see the power of confusion and raging conflict in the mind

of Judas by his mixed description of this man—Jesus. 


Deception is a powerful force that has the ability and power to distort and twist one’s vision. 

People who are blinded by Satan are deceived and confused; they misjudge, misrepresent,

misunderstand, and totally misperceive what is truly going on around them and in their own

hearts. They don’t realize they are deceived by Satan and being used to steal, kill and destroy.

They have allowed rebellion to dominate their lives. Rebellious people view God’s Word as

restraining law rather than as protection in life. The are deceived and confused in life like


Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. The word “kiss” is the Greek word phileo 

and was used to show affection, love, and strong emotion. 

In Mark 14:44, this word not only depicts a kiss of friendship, but a symbol

of affection, deep love, obligation, covenant and relationship. It was a symbol that revealed 

to everyone the measure of the relationship. It was reserved for the most special people in 

one’s life. 


What Judas did to Jesus and how he did it was as low as any person could stoop in life.

Judas stayed close to Jesus and played the role of a disciple right up to the night of betrayal.

This was absolutely no accidental betrayal. Judas sold Jesus out for money. He loved money

more than he did Jesus–the Son of God. 

 Judas knew beforehand that he could stay close to Jesus to give the kiss. On

the night of betrayal, Jesus served Communion to all of the disciples–including Judas

Iscariot. Jesus was reaffirming through Communion of His Covenant with all of them. 


When a person becomes a betrayer, you can rest assured the person was never really who 

you thought at all. You most likely had a sense something was not quite right or people had

warned you something was wrong. However, due to the closeness of the relationship you

allowed yourself to move forward to help the person out or stay close. People often want to

help others so much that they choose to ignore or disbelieve that a friend, family member, or

business associate would betray them. 

We can see by the actions of Jesus that He gave of Himself to Judas–His betrayer. Because

Jesus was and is the Son of God, He knew that Judas would betray Him but continued on 

to work alongside him in ministry. 


I have spoken with many hurting people who have experienced betrayal. It is happening all

across America and the Nations. Life is short–eternity is forever. Judas hung himself after

his eyes were opened and he realized what he had done–solely for money. He betrayed the

Son of God–Jesus. 

You must develop a relationship with the LORD to the point where you learn to abide in Him. 

Choose to commit every person and situation to the LORD. Determine to allow the Holy 

Spirit to direct you from now on. Learn to listen to the still small voice of God and obey 

immediately. Choose to pray for those who have betrayed you. Forgive them and live. God 

says in His Word that those who have dug a pit for you–will fall in it themselves. That is 

what happened to Judas. 


Choose to be like Jesus–cry and weep over your enemies (those that Satan has blinded and

that are being used against you), praying for them unceasingly. The Holy Spirit reveals all

hidden truth and shows us things to come. Learn to trust His leading.The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty,

let him come, and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of water of life” (Rev. 22:17). 


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