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Deborah will help you understand that the Bible is alive as you apply God’s truth to your own life and circumstances. She will teach you to discover how to develop inner peace and security in any situation by depending on the Holy Spirit; how to replace doubt, reasoning, regret, and envy with truth, confidence in God, praise and an attitude of gratitude. You will learn how to stop unhealthy cycles of striving and learn to be who God created you to be, as well as how to develop an intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father that surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced. She also ministers on PROPHETIC DREAMS AND INTERPRETATION FROM GOD as well as preaching the gospel with life changing true stories that will leave you forever changed! Deborah and her husband have a desire to impact this generation and leave a legacy of hope in God. 

Learn to serve and prosper doing what you love — God’s way. Do you ever regret not following your dreams using God-given talents to leave a legacy you desire? Stop allowing any fear, insecurity, finances or health benefits rob you from your destiny. Learn to overcome fears in transition and step into action with God, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Combine your God-given passion with practical steps to make your dream come true.

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September 14, 2018 (Friday) 6:30PM Registration – 9:30PM

September 15, 2018 (Saturday) 9:00AM – 3:00PM

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 7831 Gateway Lane, NW, Concord, NC 28027

Hotel: Click here for more information 

Tickets: $57.00 Non-refundable 


The world needs to hear about Jesus. We are living in the last days according to Matthew 24. The Bible is unfolding before our eyes and Jesus is warning us we need to come back to him, face-to-face in greater intimacy. An intimacy found through the prophetic, hearing God and acting in obedience. This face-to-face relationship empowers us to face our failures, fears, family, friends, finances, and future with supernatural help from God. 

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Dr Rick Ross, Lead Pastor

“For the last seven plus years we have been blessed to watch Deborah live out the principles in God’s Priceless Treasure. This book will bring supernatural courage to everyone facing a challenge. The battle sometimes seems overwhelming, but the Mighty Warrior has gone before you.....

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Joyce F

"Deborah imparted the tools, skills and understanding I needed to grow in the spirit. In this day's devotional, God also spoke to me of the hard lessons we all need to learn when "He" or your "Mentor" (such as Deborah) in my case, speaks into our life that we must choose to grow...

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Dr. Neal Speight

"...As a result of obedience in the midst of her desert experiences, I believe God has filled Deborah with wisdom that we would all do well to take to heart. Do you ever ask yourself why you seem to end up in the same situation over and over again? Why you fear the future, or are frustrated with relationships?...."

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