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IMG_8191Our society is suffering from a progressive breakdown of interpersonal relationships. People are more connected than ever…and less connected in real relationships. Texting has taken over talking. Relationships have diminished and people actually spend less quality time with family and friends. People are bashing authority, taking matters into their own hands, attempting to kill people because they don’t like them, to all sorts of manipulation and evil. What on earth has happened in this nation? How did the breakdown start? What can we do to bring about change?

It’s imperative to take time to get away to spend with family and friends, or you will get caught in the crossfire of enemy tactics. Satan is afraid of what you can become in Christ…so he seeks to destroy any of us at a young age. Be encouraged….people who have been the lowest often end up the highest. The Scriptures tells us, “He who humbles himself will be exalted” (Luke 18:14).

There is always something you don’t know in any situation; so be careful not to assume and judge. Satan will try to get you to accuse, assume, attack, belittle, lie, and slander. He will paint a rosy picture to get you off course and it never ends well. Remember Judas. Sowing and reaping is a principle that works in the good and the bad.

David’s own father and brothers assumed he wasn’t in the lineup for God’s choice…but wow….were they wrong. The very one they thought wasn’t good enough and not even called in for the lineup, was God’s choice. See how far off assumption can get a person, and an entire family falling for their own opinions? (See 1 Samuel 16)

Satan comes to distract, deter, damage, and create doubt and duress in the lives of every believer so that we are derailed by evil tactics. Lack of respect, lack of respect for authority, and moral decay has swept through the nation. It is obvious what is happening. Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy. 

The Bible says that we are hid in Christ (as born-again followers of Christ) and the devil cannot find us. He roars like a lion trying to get us to come out and align with him through negative confession, accusation, slander, and all sorts of evil. 

Satan comes to divide your mind against God. He will try to divide your marriage, family, friends, cities, churches, and nations. A house divided will not stand. A nation divided will not stand. When people lose their moral compass, disaster is imminent. 

The enemy wants to destroy from within. Keep your heart pure. Purity is prerequisite for power. Courage is prerequisite for impact and legacy 

Choose this day WHO you will serve —God or Satan. Determine in your heart to be the change in every situation. Determine to confess the Word of God over any and every circumstance, regardless of how it appears. Stay in alignment with God’s Word which is His will. Build your house upon the ROCK…Jesus Christ…a sure foundation. We will never improve on God’s “ancient path.” (Stand at the crossing, and consider the ancient path, that leads to Me. Walk on this path and you will find rest for your souls….See Jeremiah 6:16). 

Jesus said that whoever heard His words and obeyed Him, would be like a wise man who built his house on a rock. (See Matthew 7:24-27) 

“The LORD is my rock and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust.” (Psalm 18:2) 

God wants us to build securely on the Eternal Rock—the Word of God. Jesus is our ROCK..He is the firm foundation that we can build our lives upon. Don’t you dare budge off of God’s Word! Stand strong, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord. Instead of being divided, be determined to obey God! Believe Him, and trust Him! He is always faithful….

God loves you! 

HIS love and mine,


Dr. (Rev.) Deborah Starczewski



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Written by Deborah. Posted in and Leaders, Elections and leaders, Family, FEAR, God's Word, Kings, Media, Presidents, Rebellion, Seek God, Uncategorized

img_3713Have you ever seen such corruption in the media? I have better news today! God is not dead and His actions are not dictated by man’s opinion. There is hope for America in turning back to God. As long as you have breath in your lungs, there is time to repent. 

As believers, we must report the Good News of the Gospel. We have to attack problems—and not people. With Christians bashing people, both publicly and in print, something is seriously wrong in the hearts of believers. We must turn back to God in repentance. All have fallen short of the glory of God. 

The devil is rampant at bringing about division and distractions to keep people from paying attention to the big picture. You have to step back and look at what the Lord is revealing and what is happening–if you want to make a difference. 

I will never forget what the Lord spoke to my heart in 2008 prior to hosting a leadership conference for pastors in India. I woke up early one morning and heard the Lord speaking to me …that after President Bush goes out and the new president comes in….then the end will come. 

We have seen the “end of America” as we have known it. America has changed laws to go against God’s Word and corruption, deception, and greed are widespread. Manipulation is rampant. Government is out of control. And even more important, the next elected president will nominate the justices to the Supreme Court. We are at a crossroads—with one wide road that leads to destruction–and one narrow road that raises the standard of God’s Word. 

Anything you have to manipulate to gain, you will have to manipulate to keep. We must take back territory that the Church has relinquished. We can’t blame the world—it is lack of prayer and repentance, and refusing to take territory. Satan is very subtle—it is the small foxes that destroy the vine. (See Song of Solomon 2:15)

Moses identified seven territories that the Israelites were to dispossess in order to inherit their promised land: the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizittes, the Hivites and the Jebusites. 

What does that mean for us today? Just as Israel of Joshua’s day had to conquer territory, we have areas in our day that need to be brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 

The Great Commission instructs us to make disciples of all nations, not just converts. People must be discipled to know and understand the Truth of God’s plan for their lives. Otherwise, the enemy lurks around like a roaring lion—seeking all he may devour. He creates strife and division—and we now see the results of a Trojan Horse (Excerpt from THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: Will America Turn Back To God?) published 2015. 

Change is not just for an individual, but for entire nations—with societal change and transformation. The nation whose God is the Lord is blessed. 

There are seven territories we must bring under the Lordship of Jesus Christ: Media, Government, Education, Economy, Religion, Celebration & Arts, and Family. 

Let’s start with media and government since the election is November 8th. 

The territory of Media corresponds to the land of the Hittites (comes from a word meaning “terror and fear,” representing bad news).

Politicians, big business, and different interest groups have figured out that whoever controls the media has a form of control over what happens in society. Negative stories get more air time than any good report, or uplifting story. The Kingdom of God has less air time than any other form of media. It’s time we take back this territory and report the good news of the gospel and up-to-date accounts of God’s intervention. 

The enemy wants to silence Christians. If Christians would promote and support one another—rather than attacking and bashing, we would see change. What we make happen for others, God makes happen for us. 

We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. (See Revelation 12:11) We overcome through the blood of Jesus Christ—just as the blood of the lamb was sprinkled on the doorposts of the houses when Herod issued the order to kill all firstborn males; we have a type and shadow of the Blood of Jesus Christ for today. (See Matthew chapter 2)

We have protection, purging (cleansing), and provision in Jesus—through His finished work on the Cross at Calvary. 

In order to take back any territory, it simply cannot be ignored. God is exposing all hidden truth, frustrating all evil plots and ungodly counsel. Satan is trying to destroy the world—because he knows his time is short. Since Satan can’t create anything, he tries to thwart purpose. When a person or nation understands purpose, everything changes. 

We must seek God’s face for ways to take back the media for God. There are ways to report the facts with a redemptive angle. In counseling, the facts have to be acknowledged to move forward to healing, but to keep repeating the negative is not redemptive. It brings destruction. We are born in sin—but we have salvation through turning to Jesus in repentance. 

God’s will is for us to fill the airwaves with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Whatever happens in the White House will impact your house. The territory of Government has been abandoned by believers. Many Christians say that politics is of the devil—but that is not true. God is the One who established authority in the first place. I believe God is raising up servant leaders who are Christians to fill roles in the government. We need humility and service, not pride and manipulation (which is of the devil). Unfortunately, some of the world system has infiltrated the Church. 

The territory of Government corresponds to the land of the Girgashites (“dwelling in clay soil” which represents the earthly desires and corrupt ambitions that are common to this territory). 

Romans 13 makes it clear about servant leaders in government. The body of Christ needs to be the source of leaders who understand that true leadership, based on God’s standard, is first and foremost service. Isaiah 9:7 gives us clear understanding that “of the increase of Jesus’ government there will be no end.” 

With godly government in place, their mission will be to fill leadership roles with humble servant leaders of integrity, not those who seek unlawful gain through pride and deceit. 

The enemy tries to overtake every area here on earth. He wants to fill the airways with destruction and government with leaders who are filled with pride who care more about false gain and power than the people they are appointed to serve.

Anyone who is used by God will shake up government, and in my terms, throw out the sandbox and all the sand within. This will expose all corruption and deceit at an unprecedented level. We are headed to the same direction as some other countries are in right now. We are losing our country to corruption and an overpowering system that is influenced demonically through greed, corruption, murdering babies, allowing illegal aliens to come in without proper papers and examination, to selling America out for financial gain. 

God’s actions are not dictated by man’s opinion. He is not caught off-guard by anything happening in your life personally, and in this nation. He is at work behind the scenes, exposing the enemy at every turn. The Bible says that God will heal our land if we repent. 

Success won’t matter where there is no safety. God have mercy on America. The transforming truth of God’s Word is our only hope. No political party or candidate can be viewed as our security apart from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Real repentance produces the necessary heart change in people, which will result in a national desire to protect life—because life is precious. God will not change His Word for anyone. The full counsel of God’s Word must be our standard. It is imperative that we pray for blind eyes to be opened, and for us to have God’s power and protection in order to miss our enemies’ plan for us as a nation. The choice is ours. Choose life and God’s standard or choose the way that seems right to mankind—the fruit of which is death. 

If there is any hope for the next generation, we must turn to God in genuine repentance, and vote by God’s standard—biblical moral values. You have to make a decision for Christ—to be born-again. Not voting is making a choice through default. Make a choice. Blessing or Curse—which will you choose? I choose life. 



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