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Written by Deborah. Posted in Guilt

guiltWhen we experience the feeling of guilt, this is one of God’s ways he may use to warn us that something is not quite right in our life. We may be feeling this because we need to repent and turn away from a sin in our life so God can cleanse and forgive us. With repentance, comes the fresh presence of the Holy Spirit assuring us we are quilt-free.

If you are guilty of doing something wrong, or not stating the facts quite clearly in a given situation, or even perhaps you have broken God’s law; you can receive mercy and forgiveness by accepting salvation and forgiveness offered though Christ Jesus. (1Timothy 1:13-16). If you are a born-again Christian and you are experiencing some feeling of guilt, it may be conviction from the Holy Spirit to lead you to repentance.

You may also be feeling shame because of something that was done that makes you feel somewhat guilty. Perhaps you are blaming yourself for something that has or has not happened and you feel responsible. In any of these cases, there is hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

What Scripture Says

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our

Dr Rick Ross, Lead Pastor

“For the last seven plus years we have been blessed to watch Deborah live out the principles in God’s Priceless Treasure. This book will bring supernatural courage to everyone facing a challenge. The battle sometimes seems overwhelming, but the Mighty Warrior has gone before you.....

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Joyce F

"Deborah imparted the tools, skills and understanding I needed to grow in the spirit. In this day's devotional, God also spoke to me of the hard lessons we all need to learn when "He" or your "Mentor" (such as Deborah) in my case, speaks into our life that we must choose to grow...

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Dr. Neal Speight

"...As a result of obedience in the midst of her desert experiences, I believe God has filled Deborah with wisdom that we would all do well to take to heart. Do you ever ask yourself why you seem to end up in the same situation over and over again? Why you fear the future, or are frustrated with relationships?...."

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